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I have been loving quotes for about couple years now because my bestfriend got me into it so thanks to her cause if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have this site. Alright, a little about me, I'm 17 and a junior. I love to read quotes, as you can see. So if your ever going through a hard time and need someone to talk to, I'll be here for you!


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Why does love come back when you're ready to forget? Why does it continue to grow even if you get badly hurt? Maybe because that's what love is, when it's true, it never dies.

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New Site!!!
Monday, April 6, 2009 11:16 PM

Quotes Gets Us Through Dot Xanga

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Quotes Babe
Monday, February 23, 2009 6:23 PM


I lie on the grass, breathing in the silence,
listening to the night, looking up at the stars.
I look up at the night sky and I wonder about life,
about you, about why I'm here,
and I look up at those cold,
beautiful stars, so far away,
and I realize life has never seemed so big.


I followed street signs,
praying they lead me back to you.
And I'm wondering, if anywhere,
you're wondering about me,
counting stars and sheep.
And trading thoughts for dreams.

Mo(u)rning Rain... by emilie79*.


You don't mind if I show up late for everything,
and when you lose your cool, it's kinda cute.
Ain't it nice to know we don't have to be perfect?


Does it hurt to know I'll never be there?
Bet it sucks to see my face everywhere.
If she really knows the truth, she deserves you.
A trophy wife, oh how cute.
Ignorance is bliss.


And I know what I must change.
Fuck my face, fuck my name.
Brief and false advertisements
for a soul that I don't have.
Something true that I have lacked
and spent my whole life trying to make up for.


Those pretty girls can play their games,
but their damn well gonna know my name.


Sometimes I wish I was the weather.
You'd bring me up in conversation forever.
And when it rained I'd be the talk of the day.


And you tell me that I'm not second best,
but I know I am, you liar.
As I clench my teeth and hold my breath,
and these tears begin to pour from the words.
I said, "Hey kid, write a song about her;
oh, that's right, you can't."


The empty space in the seat next to me says a lot.
Don't let it say goodbye.


You touch her skin and then think,
"Yes, she's beautiful, but
she doesn't meant a thing to me."


His grin, even from floors up, was infectious.
But even more infections was the realization
that where ever we were headed,
everything between us was going to be alright.


Came to London to find myself.
But in 10 million people, where do you start?
Drunk at a party, you asked me if I was someone else.
I say, "Yeah, if it helps you, I won't be myself."


Lets face it. The girl you thought you loved
is standing right in front of you, and the truth is..
you don't love her. ++ Hannah Montana


Tripping over my words,
now you're tripping over me.
Isn't that funny?
Couldn't you just laugh until you choke?
I wish you would. Then your face
would match your eyes.
Cold and blue and lifeless.
How did I ever fall for you?


Remember, if you ever need a helping hand,
it's at the other end of your arm.
As you get older, remember you have another hand.
The first is the help yourself,
the second is to help others.
++ Audrey Hepburn


~ you're everything I need
20 New Quotes
Sunday, February 22, 2009 10:32 AM

1.)Why does love come back when 
you're ready to forget? Why does it 
continue to grow even if you get 
badly hurt? Maybe because that's 
what love is, when it's true, it never dies.


2.)It's kinda like... the difference 
between putting your hand on 
your knee, and him putting his 
hand on your knee. When you 
touch your knee, you don't feel 
it, nothing happens, it's just there. 
But when he has his hand there, 
you feel everything. Every move 
of his palm, every squeeze of his 
hand, and every brush of his finger. 
And you feel it right down to your 
toes and up to your neck. Everything 
in your body tingles, but it's the 
most wonderful thing ever. Every 
move he makes, makes a difference.


3.)So this is it, the feeling that 
I've missed: a subtle kind of pain 
that keeps me from sleep. I try 
to explain how your touch drives 
me insane, I can't spend a night 
without wishing I was with you.


4.)I hope you're living your fairy tale, 
and that it goes all downhill from here. 
There's nothing to fear, so swallow 
your pride and choke back your tears.


5.)Just nod your head if your mind's 
been changed. Shake it, love, if some 
hope remains. Just say the word, and 
of course I'll stay. But if you roll your 
eyesI'll go away. Just please don't leave 
me guessing. Please don't keep me waiting. <3


6.)maybe it's the only way we can 
finally stand on our own. you know, 
to hurt each other so much 
that we have no choice.


7.)When you fall as fast and as 
far as I did, you are no longer 
yourself. You are blinded by 
your heart. You breathe him 
and he's all you see when you 
wake up and lay your head 
down. Then one day, he's gone. 
The sky crashes down upon you 
and you change again. You run 
to the phone every time it rings, 
expecting him to be there, to tell 
you everything's going to be alright 
and that things can be the same 
as they used to. You and him, 
together, forever. But only a dial 
tone replies to your pleas. Oh sure
...I'll get over you...I'll live again. 
But every time I see you, the 
memories of all the wonderful times 
we spent together flash through my 
head and a little piece of me dies.

8.)if you're always looking for reasons 
not to be with somebody, then you'll 
always find them, but at some point 
maybe you should let go and 
give your heart what it deserves.


9.)The truth is you're so beautiful 
that it hurts sometimes.


10.)My biggest fear is letting you down.


11.)people seem to get nostalgic 
about a lot of things they weren't 
so crazy about the first time around. <3


12.)For what it's worth: it's never too
late or, in my case, too early to be 
whoever you want to be. There's no 
time limit, stop whenever you want. 
You can change or stay the same, 
there are no rules to this thing. We 
can make the best or the worst of it. 
I hope you make the best of it. And I 
hope you see things that startle you. 
I hope you feel things you never felt 
before. I hope you meet people with 
a different point of view. I hope you 
live a life you're proud of. If you find 
that you're not, I hope you have 
the strength to start all over again.


13.)Good ideas are common. What's 
uncommon are people willing to work 
hard enough to bring them about.


14.)Anna: Why are relationships so hard?
Peyton: Because the only thing harder is being alone.
++One Tree Hill


15.)All I want is for you to know me again; 
for me to be in your life, and even if it can't 
happen right now, I would just like to know 
that I'm not blocked from your memory.


16.)It's so frustrating because I broke 
up with him cause I was tired of crying 
everyday. Like I didn't want to cry any
more and then I was crying cause I was 
fighting. And now I'm crying because he's 
not here to make me stop. He was like my 
best friend. It's like losing your best friend.
++The Hills


17.)Don't make her wait for you,
just because you know she will.


18.)You're my favorite subject to talk about
because I never run out of things to say.


19.)He meant everything to her, 
but she meant nothing to him. 
And the sad thing is: she'd 
still do anything to be with him.


20.)If I could then I'd shrink the world tonight
so that I would find you and me inside. 


~ you're everything I need
New Layout Coming!!!
Saturday, February 21, 2009 10:30 PM

I'm going to put up a new layout!! Kinda stuck between 4 so it's going to take a while lol!!!

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OMG!!!! I Totally Hate Myself right now!!!
9:56 PM

Alright listen to this story. There was this girl, she gets hurt many times in her past life so she makes a quotes page to show people how she feels. She tells people about her past life and her current life is doing with quotes to inspire people that your not alone because quotes can help you out. She starts making other sites but she totally forget about her beloved site. 

Haha... that was maybe boring but I thought I'll write it out! I am really sorry that I have been busy lately but your going to see a lot of more posts this year than last year. I also got busy with my music site that I am not going to be on anymore so I gave it to my sister to have and she is doing well so far. I also made me a design site with some of my designs on it like layouts, banners, CD covers, and graphics. But before I made all of those sites, I had this one first so I need to give you what you want!!! AND IT'S QUOTES!!!!

Also you can contact me at different sites

Here's My Email
WannLiveLikeMusic (music site)
MissGGdesign (my design site_
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Sugarheartbabe (xanga site)

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Check Out Uh Whatever & MissGGdesign!
Monday, February 9, 2009 1:22 PM

If you want layouts, banners, graphics or more? This is perfect place for you!!

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Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
Tuesday, December 16, 2008 6:35 AM

Your lips, they pout & twist andI die trying to keep myself from kissing you.

we sat downa couple cups in between usconversation’s become meaninglessall I really wanted to dowas close that space in between us.

you blame mei'll blame youso that we're both right.

You smelled like rain-rain on Sunday morning. The kind that sounds like endless opportunities when it pitter-patters on the sidewalk.

Just give me this; a slow dance, a last chance to tell you everything you need to hear because the phone calls won't let me look you in the eyes so I can tell you"Sweetie, please stay."

As hard as it was to move on, I think I'm finally okay with how we are, and at some point, we both wish we didn't ignore each other like that. I'll be forgiving you, just like you were forgiving me. People make mistakes, second chances are okay. It's like a weight has just been lifted. I can finally breathe and not worry about what he will say or when he would've finally stopped ignoring me, because now I no longer care. He doesn't concern me. I just wonder if he'll come back to me, wishing he would've never screwed things up. I just hope our friendship can have another chance, but if this is the way it was meant to be, then I'm honestly okay.

i want to be the girl who he thinks is the cutest. not necessarily the "hottest" or the "prettiest", but the cutest. because hotness refers to the body, and god knows mine isn't perfect. pretty refers to the face and i know plenty of girls prettier than me.but cuteness is referring to every imperfection that he loves. every weird little habit. the funny little things that make me different from every other girl he could have.like how i have a dorky laugh, or i can't watch gory movies, or the way my hair smells. all of the little things that he notices and adores. i want to be that girl.

I know you're trying your hardest.and the hardest part is letting goof the nights we shared. Ocalais calling, and you know it's haunting..but compared to your eyesnothing shines quite as bright.

i just stopped, captivated by the stars and how there were amazing little fields of them scattered through the sky. i'd never seen so many.so i stood out there for a while, crying and talking to what i believe to be god, of how thankful i am that he never stops holding me and of how sorry i am that i forget about that.

you cannot hold onto anything that wants to go. do you understand what i'm saying? you just got to love while you got it, and that's that.
found the photos at : itsthese_quotes
So did you love this update as much as I did?

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